About Us

Debbe Tillman, Owner of Pentimento Books

Were you lucky enough to live in a small town where the highlight of the week was meeting the Book Mobile?!? For a kid in the 1950’s, that was about as good as it got….anticipation… hoping the latest Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys adventure was on the shelf, or that Old Yeller, Big Red, or My Friend Flicka had finally been checked back in by another avid reader….

At Pentimento we cater to those who still have that childlike eagerness to read, and insatiable love of books. It is part of what makes Pentimento so important in today’s world. All of us love the convenience of ordering books on line, or downloading the latest novel to be read on our electronic reading devices.  We support reading, and the arts, and access to information no matter how the chance to read and learn is delivered to the consumer.  Hurray for reading! But something calls us to do things a different way, to see the painting beneath the painting you see at first glance.

It’s really fun to pick up a book written a hundred years ago that is still relevant today, a Latin text from 1919 that’s still in use today, or to find that scarce signed first edition by your favorite author. How about a history of your hometown so obscure most folks don’t know it exists?  Or the very first edition of a Little Golden book from the late 1940’s?

Or how about finding such a great stash of leather-bound classics you can fill the gaps in your personal library in one stop? Are you charmed by old cookbooks that just might have the same recipe your grandmother followed to make her wonderful tea cakes?  You may find the recipe online, it’s true, but you miss the context that adds so much flavor to the story and the tea cakes!

At Pentimento, we cannot be everything to every reader, but we can promise an interesting opportunity to browse through and buy books that can’t be found most places.  We spend a lot of time searching and refining our collection to offer you surprisingly unique and interesting books and ephemera to add to your collection.

We invite you to stop and browse, to see beyond the shelves of often gently worn volumes, to let them reveal their wonderful stories. It’s magical!

Happy Reading!

Debbe Tillman